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X-rays are invisible, high-energy light rays that have a short wavelength. These properties enable X-rays to pass through many materials. Because X-rays pass easily through skin, but not bone, healthcare professionals use them to take photographs of a person’s skeleton and other internal structures. X-rays allow doctors to see, search for, and track abnormalities inside a person’s body without making a single incision.

If you need to have an X-ray, allow the courteous and professional staff at Longhorn Imaging to help you. We offer three convenient Austin-area locations, each with highly competent staff and state of the art X-ray imaging technology. Call (512) 444-8900 to set up your appointment today.

Getting an X-Ray

X-rays have been used in medicine for more than 100 years. Since then, many improvements have been made, but the basic concept remains the same. X-rays are essentially photographs created using invisible light from the higher end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Since there are dangers associated with this kind of light, facilities that perform X-ray exams must take numerous safety precautions. These safety precautions include wearing a safety vest and clearing the room where the test is administered. X-rays are radioactive, but the machines use dosages that are safe for adult humans. Nevertheless, it is advised to avoid getting an X-ray if you are pregnant as a precaution for the child’s safety.

While the dangers associated with X-rays were not known a century ago, they have become clearer and are almost negligible nowadays. Over time, doctors also discovered there are many ways in which X-rays can be useful. Because of their behavior, these radioactive pulses can detect:

  • Broken Bones
  • Osteoporosis
  • Certain Heart Conditions
  • Tumors

Their versatility and relatively low cost make X-rays a great tool for doctors to explore any conditions patients may have internally. If your healthcare provider has suggested that you have an X-ray taken, visit Longhorn Imaging for fast and reliable diagnostic imaging.

Contact an X-Ray Technician in Your Area

At Longhorn Imaging, we have three convenient Austin-area locations. Our friendly and professional staff can quickly get your X-rays done as painlessly as possible. To set up an X-ray appointment, call Longhorn Imaging at (512) 444-8900.