Comprehensive CT Scans

Computed tomography, commonly called a CT scan or CAT scan, can provide insight into every part of the body, including the organs, muscles, blood vessels, bones, and fat. To accomplish this, an X-ray beam moves in a circular motion around the body, capturing the targeted structure or organ from several different angles. It is an incredible form of technology that is helpful in diagnosing internal damage, injuries, or even tumors in a painless and non-invasive way.

There are many reasons why you may need a CT scan. If you were involved in an accident, are experiencing unexplained dizziness, need a detailed examination of your bones, or are undergoing cancer treatment, these are all reasons a doctor may order this type of test. If you are needing a CT scan, reach out to Longhorn Imaging today. We offer CT scans at several of our spa-like centers, including South Austin, Bastrop, and Marble Falls.

The benefits of CT scans

CT scanning is unlike other imaging tests as it rapidly provides images, clear information, and can image either specific portions or the entire body. Its ability to quickly obtain these crucial images is what makes CT scans such a vital tool in emergencies. Some of the additional benefits of CT scans include:

  • It can reduce the need for exploratory surgeries
  • It can shorten the length of a patient’s hospital stay
  • It can provide guidance in the treatment of certain conditions, such as cardiac disease
  • It can help assess if surgery is necessary
  • It is a less confined environment than an MRI

CT scans also help doctors make important diagnoses, including bone tumors and fractures, muscle and bone disorders, cancer, internal bleeding and injuries, lung nodules, heart disease, and liver masses. Additional scans can also monitor the progress of a patient’s treatment. If you were in a car accident, a CT scan may be used to detect trauma, so you can receive the care you need to recover from your injuries.

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CT Scan

How does it work?

CT scans take pictures of the body’s internal structure. Unlike X-rays, they make a patient’s internal anatomy clearer. During your CT scan, an X-ray tube will rotate around you, allowing images to be collected from a variety of angles. A computer will then analyze the stored images and create a new one, removing the overlying structures.

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