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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a breakthrough in medical science. The technology gives physicians the incredible ability to view detailed images of the inside of a person’s body without making a single incision. These images are useful in diagnosing a wide variety of illnesses and diseases.

MRI scans can pinpoint tumors, identify heart disease, and recognize other anomalies that may be present in the human body.  When you need an MRI in Central Texas choose Longhorn Imaging for a more comfortable, supportive experience – and more reasonable rates.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

The remarkable technology of MRIs

Originally developed in the 1970s, MRI machines use a combination of magnetic fields and radio waves to create high-definition images of a body’s soft tissues. Because soft tissue is mostly made of water, magnets on either end of the scanner alter the water’s polarity, allowing the scanner to interpret it. This method produces a layer-by-layer reconstruction of a person’s entire body. The diagnostic importance of having such a comprehensive picture of a person’s inner organs cannot be overstated. These machines have taken much of the guesswork out of diagnosing diseases.

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Benefits of an MRI

MRIs have many benefits that make them superior to diagnostic imaging methods. Unlike X-Rays, they do not shower patients with bursts of radiation. MRIs allow medical professionals to get an incredibly detailed picture of a patient’s interior without making a single incision. The image allows doctors to plan exactly where and how to perform surgery since they will have a detailed picture of what is happening inside the body. MRI scans also have these added benefits:

  • Painless
  • Less likely to produce an allergic reaction than a CT scan
  • No recovery period
  • No radiation

MRI benefits are numerous. However, because of the great deal of expertise that goes into operating the machine and reading the images, they are more expensive than X-Rays. MRI scans also require more time to complete than X-rays. Even so, your medical insurance may cover the costs of getting an MRI scan at Longhorn Imaging. Be sure to visit our insurance page or give us a phone call to learn more about accepted coverage.

A Clearer Picture with Arthrography

Arthrography* enables us to enhance the MRI procedure even further. With this process, a contrasting dye will be injected into your veins. This will create impressively clear images of your internal structures, enabling your practitioner to visualize your results even more clearly and create a pathway toward lasting health.

*Only Available at our South Austin location, 4316 James Casey Building F Suite 100 Austin, TX 78745

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Getting an MRI

The process of getting an MRI may feel scary, but we work hard to keep our clients comfortable, and reduce their anxiety in every way possible. The machine is essentially a large cylinder, with a platform that slides in and out of it. A patient lies on this platform and is slowly moved into the cylinder, where the magnets and radio waves perform the scan. Inside the scanner, some patients may feel discomfort due to being in an enclosed space. The machine may also make some loud noises as the magnets become electrically charged and the scanner powers on.

However, the most challenging part for many people is staying still during the scan. Patients must remain as stationary as possible while the scan is taking place to ensure that the picture physicians receive is as clear as possible. A scan can take as long as 25 minutes to complete, but they are generally faster than that. 

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