Clear Preparations, Satisfied Patients

When an imaging test is performed at Longhorn Imaging, we ensure you are fully informed about any necessary preparations. Our goal is total patient satisfaction, and every aspect of the test, including preparation, is easy to understand, with all questions answered by a friendly, helpful team member.

Test preparation: MRI and CT

Each imaging test is different. You may be asked not to eat or drink anything other than water or clear liquids (like apple juice) for three or four hours before an MRI or CT scan. Some contrast MRI or CT scans may require you to drink the contrast liquid before your scan at a specific time. If the MRI or CT scan is without contrast, no special instructions are needed. If you have any medical devices such as implants, pacemakers, metal clips, or stents, these may affect the test, and you must inform our radiologist. Not all patients are appropriate candidates for contrast dye, and you will be asked a set of questions to ensure the dye is safe to administer. These tests are not performed on pregnant women, and contrast dye cannot be administered if you are breastfeeding. 

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Ultrasound preparation

If you are undergoing an ultrasound test for the lower abdomen, you may be asked to drink several glasses of water one hour before you arrive for the test and not to empty your bladder. The water you consume assists the ultrasound technician in viewing the areas ordered in your test. If the scan is planned to identify any issues in your digestive system, you will be asked to avoid eating or drinking several hours before your scan appointment.

Vertebral motion analysis tests

These tests do not require any preparatory steps other than dressing in loose, comfortable clothing. Simply arrive at Longhorn Imaging about 15 minutes before your appointment and check in with our friendly staff member. 

Preparing for VNG tests

Dress in comfortable clothing and avoid eating any solid food for four hours before your test. Do not drink any liquids with caffeine after midnight the day before your test, and do not drink any alcoholic beverages for 48 hours before your test.

Diffusion Tensor Imaging test preparation

Before your testing appointment, avoid drinking any caffeinated liquids, including coffee, tea, or sodas. Wear comfortable clothing and take off any jewelry.

X-ray preparation

You have no specific preparations for X-ray tests in most cases. If the test is to identify problems in the GI tract, you may need to stop eating or drinking for several hours before your test. You will need to remove jewelry or other metal objects before the images are taken. You will be changing into a gown for your tests, and we value privacy and comfort! We ensure our patients know how to prepare for the X-rays scheduled and whether you need to fast for 8 to 12 hours. If you take medications, take them with only a small sip of water. Some X-rays may require that you drink a contrast liquid.

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Your experience matters.

Many people are anxious about undergoing imaging tests or visiting an imaging center. When you come to Longhorn Imaging, you will have an entirely different experience – we are focused on patient comfort and have established a unique imaging center. Rather than a cold, hospital-like environment, we have created a spa-like setting for our patients. Our staff is warm, friendly, and helpful – and you will notice the difference!

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