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Vertebral Motion Analysis/ Digital X-Ray

Vertebral Motion Analysis (VMA) is an innovative, breakthrough imaging technique that has vastly improved the diagnostic accuracy of the standard X-ray. As opposed to older, less effective methods of diagnosing problems in the spine and neck, the VMA provides the first functional test that allows assessment of spinal motion for instability. This imaging technique provides a video X-ray of your spine in various bent positions so as to detect abnormalities, such as a slipped vertebral disk, within the vertebrae. The VMA is particularly useful when trying to observe spinal instabilities that may not be visible with still X-rays. VMA testing can provide more accurate diagnoses of back and neck pain by showing real-time images of these areas in the process of bending, making it easier to observe inconsistencies in the lumbar spine and cervical spine.

If you are experiencing back or neck pain and feel you may need a digital X-ray, please reach out to our courteous and compassionate staff at Longhorn Imaging. We offer an array of advanced imaging technology and can help determine which method best suits your needs. Call (512) 444-8900 today to schedule a consultation.

The Process of Vertebral Motion Analysis

With the induction of the VMA, more reliable data concerning motion assessment allows your healthcare professional to locate the source of pain or discomfort in the spine, and make more informed surgical decisions about your condition. The process begins with the patient stepping into the machine’s testing field. From there, a motion machine gently guides you through a series of spine bending sequences while a technologist takes video. The spine bending routines should not cause any discomfort, but there is a “stop” button that can be pressed at any time to halt testing if you do begin to feel pain.

These videos are composed of hundreds of X-ray images of the spine in the process of bending, which can be coordinated with any potential pain the patient is feeling. The videos are then processed by special computer software that returns measurements, proven to give a more accurate and precise diagnostic report. Benefits of VMA over traditional X-rays include:

  • Provides important information that an X-ray might miss
  • Can depict spinal motion in real-time
  • Emits less radiation than a standard X-ray
  • More sensitive and reproducible when detecting instability
  • Less manual labor, as the machine gently guides you

Despite providing more precise assessments of spinal instability than a standard X-ray, VMA machines are found in a very limited number of hospitals and surgery centers. Luckily, Longhorn Imaging provides VMA services, along with a myriad of other advanced imaging technology so you receive the latest, most comfortable care possible.

Contact a Diagnostic Imaging Center

If you or someone are experiencing back or neck pain and think you may benefit from a spinal assessment, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff at Longhorn Imaging. We offer the latest imaging technology to help provide our patients with the best care possible. Call (512) 444-8900 to begin scheduling your appointment.